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Dermatologist's 4 Surprising Tips to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer - Part 1

Dermatologist's 4 Surprising Tips to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer - Part 1

Is your skin ready for summer? The two, biggest concerns people have about exposing their skin in the summer are:

  • Being sure their skin looks as good as possible so that they are not embarrassed by it; and
  • Having the right sun protection to prevent UV damage and future wrinkles, uneven pigment, sun spots, and skin cancer.

You’ve got approximately two, square meters of skin. It’s going out in the public on display once weather warms up and you put on shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Bathing suits expose even more of it. It’s time to get ready in advance!

You know that tank tops, shorts, sandals, and sun dresses are in your near future because you’re starting to click on adds for summer’s breezy fashions and bathing suits. There’s no denying it – arms, legs, chest, and back skin will soon be on display. Feet will be, too.

Whip your skin into shape fast with my dermatologist’s skin care tricks. Protect your precious, two square meters of skin with the right skin care. As a dermatologist, I’ve helped my patients do this for years. I do it myself and for my family every year.

Here are my dermatologist’s 4 top tips for summer skin care:

Tip 1: Reveal smooth and hydrated skin that you’re proud of.

Get your skin ready for public viewing with a good exfoliation routine for your arms and legs. Use physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation for best results:

Body exfoliation: My Ultra-Fast Triple Action Body Smoothing Kit will have your arms and legs looking great. It combines physical exfoliation (the Salux Shower Cloth and the beads in the Triple Action Scrub) with chemical exfoliation (strong glycolic acid lotion and glycolic and salicylic acid in the Triple Action Scrub). This does heavy-lifting exfoliation for the best and fastest results. Polish your skin to a youthful, dewy sheen that you can be proud of. Use the kit on your body skin at least twice a week.

Moisturize daily for dewy, youthful and hydrated skin. Apply a good moisturizer every day within 3 minutes after toweling dry after your bath or shower. You can use the Glycolic Acid daily or you can alternate it with a good moisturizer enriched with botanical oils that replenish lost skin lipids necessary for hydrated skin. My Natural Lotion is an ideal, head-to-toe moisturizer for the entire family – hair skin included! Keep one by every shower so it’s easy to apply within the magic 3 minutes after stepping out of each shower.

If your feet are rough and scaly, get them sandal-ready with my Soft and Smooth Feet Kit. This is professional skin care that fixes rough feet fast. I depend on this for my own feet, which want to have rough calluses on the heels, balls of my feet and sides of my big toes - Noooooo not happening!

Tip 2: Get a healthy warm skin glow that’s better than a tan!

Add a smart, warm glow to your skin that’s safe from skin cancer by using a self tanner. Apply it under your moisturizer or Glycolic Acid Body Lotion to warm your skin tone and hide flaws like varicose veins, etc. You probably already know that self tanners can make skin look dry so daily moisturizing and regular exfoliation are important. My favorite self tanner is the Avene Self Tanner because the color is great and the lotion is lightweight so it’s perfect under my Glycolic Acid Body Lotion. This is what I’ve used for years and I’m always pleased with the results.

An additional bonus tip for a warm skin tone is to eat lots of carrots or drink carrot juice for a warm beta carotene glow to your skin. This glow comes from the inside out. Beta carotene is also an excellent antioxidant to help fight UV- free radical skin damage and general, free radical physiologic stress.

Did you know that the warm glow from beta carotene has been proven more attractive than a sun tan? It’s true.

Dr. Ian Stephen, an experimental psychologist at the University of Bristol in England, performed a study where he showed volunteers a series of photographs of both men and women. Some were sun-tanned and others had loaded their skin with betacarotene by eating a beta carotene-rich prescribed diet. The volunteers consistently rated skin attractiveness higher for the beta carotene glow compared with the tan from the sun. Veggies win over UV rays! Carrots get the beta carotene glow on fast. Sip carrot juice daily and glow up!

Be ready - warm weather and outdoor fun are here. Let’s take our two, square meters of skin and go play outside - with our best looking skin safe from UV skin damage!

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