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Dermatologists 4 Surprising Tips For Summer Sun Protection - Part 2

Dermatologists 4 Surprising Tips For Summer Sun Protection - Part 2

See Part 1 Here.

Here is the second part of my blog to whip your skin into shape fast and get the summer sun protection your skin needs. Protect your precious, two square meters of skin with the right skin care. As a dermatologist, I’ve helped my patients do this for years. I do it myself and for my family every year, too.

Here are my dermatologist's tips (three and four) for summer skin care:

Tip 3: Get the best skin sun protection ready now.

Your two, square meters of skin are going outside and you need to protect it. My Infographic tells you how I - a dermatologist - think you need to do this. I’ve been watching skin up close for over 30 years in my dermatology practice, and I know what works and what has let my patients down. This is my area of expertise.

Get summer sun protection with these dermatologist's tips.

Here is what you need to know about sun protecting your skin:

Step 1: Cover as much of your two square meters of skin with sun protective clothing (not flimsy linen or cotton, UV gets through the fabric!).

If you will be outdoors a lot, invest in UPF 50 clothing. Top choices are Coolibar and Mott50. Bloxsun gloves protect delicate hand skin to prevent thinning, age spots and skin cancer! Very important!!

Step 2: For the skin that’s left uncovered, ASK yourself if you are ready to step into the UV onslaught:

A: Apply broad spectrum SPF 30+ zinc oxide sunscreen to all uncovered skin.

S: Seek shade and create it with a proper sun hat, sun umbrella. Stand in the shade – who are those people standing in the direct sun anyway, did they not get the memo??

K: Know where there is UV exposure. It will ALWAYS surprise you. Use my little UV Detecto Ring to prove to yourself that shade alone is not enough. See those beads color up when you really really thought you were in a UV-free zone. Those beads even surprise me! Get them, you will be startled and know why those age spots get darker and your skin gets a little tanner in the summer even when you thought you had all the sun protection bases covered.

I’ve put together my favorite sunscreens and tools in my SunSavvy Kits

SunSavvy Around Town

SunSavvy Ready for Fun

Tip 4: Raise the antioxidant level in your skin as a secondary defense against UV skin damage.

Eating an antioxidant rich diet is important for skin and your overall physiologic health. You can load even extra antioxidants into your skin with professional antioxidant products.

Why are antioxidants important in your summer skin care?

Antioxidants are your skin’s protection from free radicals that form when UV rays and other stressors penetrate your skin. They work to defend you from free radicals by neutralizing them before they damage precious structures – DNA, lipid cell membranes and important things you need for healthy skin.

Try as you may, your sun protection will not be 100% - which is why your skin still tans and your freckles darken a bit every summer. Antioxidants can help keep those sneaky UV-rays from hitting what’s precious when you have a generous reserve waiting. Do it. Add antioxidant skin care products to your facial skin care routine. It’s harder to get them to penetrate thicker skin, but face and neck skin takes them up readily. It’s worth it.

Add products with high concentration pharmaceutical grade green tea ECGC polyphenols and vitamin C. They are proven to work. I’ve made it my business to have the best, and I’ve seen them work on my thousands of patients. I’ve created my SunSavvy Antioxidant Kit with Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy and Vitamin C Professional Treatment Serum coupled with Sheer Strength Sunscreens.

How do you add antioxidant skin care products to your skin care routine to fight free radicals?

Layer the Green Tea Antioxidant Cream, let it dry for a few seconds or more, then the Vitamin C. Let the Vitamin C dry then apply your your moisturizer and zinc oxide sunscreen. With this layering routine, you’ve got a primary (sunscreen) and a secondary (antioxidant) back-up system for free radicals. It’s my top choice for preparing delicate face and neck skin for sunny summer days and outdoor activities.

Be ready - warm weather and outdoor fun are here. Let’s take our two, square meters of skin and go play outside - with our best looking skin safe from UV skin damage!

For more information on the products listed on this page and to get the sun protection you need, click here.


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