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Dermatologist recommended skin care

Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Products and Advice On The Web

Dermatologist recommended skin careIn 24 years of full time dermatology practice I've squirreled away a lot of great tricks that I use everyday to fix all sorts of skin problems on all sorts of skin types. Every day patients bring in new challenges and my 'bag of tricks' gets fuller.

With the web I can share these treatment tips and this health information with readers all over the globe, people who are searching for answers and ideas for their skin problems.  That's my goal with this blog and my web site, to share what I've learned and know with you.

According to a Pew Internet Survey done last year, over 80% of Americans use the internet to search for health care information.  Health one of the hottest topics online today and it's my goal to put accurate and helpful dermatologist quality skin health educational info out there where you can find it. It's why when you tell me I've made a difference for your skin, and we live thousands of miles apart, I'm thrilled.

Just recently Jillian, a wife and young mother who lives on the other side of the country wrote a note of thanks on my Facebook page:

I started using the zinc-oatmeal bar soap on a last ditch effort to help with the painful acne rashes on my skin related to rosascea, after trying about 20 products over the last three years. And this stuff is a miracle product!!!!! I use it with the Replenix cream, and I finally have my skin back, and am soooo grateful for stumbling upon the website. Thank You!!!!!!!

From thousands of miles away, Jillian found one of my tricks.  A bar of medicated soap that I have made for my patients and that I put on the web with some of my treatment 'pearls'.  I treat many patients who suffer from facial redness caused by rosacea, facial dandruff, sun damage and general sensitive skin.  What my patients have taught me helped her, and that's so cool; it keeps me writing so that more people like Jillian can find dermatologist quality skin care information when they search the web,  not just the silly junk content that clutters the web.

To rise above the cacophony of junk I have to write regularly, target the terms people search for and share my 'bag of dermatology tricks' in an educational format that's helpful.  It's a challenge I love and when I get a 'high five' from a reader it's 'mission accomplished for me'!

How can you 'mine' my web pages and blog for info to help your skin problems?  How do you find the treatment 'pearls' you're curious about from my 24 years of dermatology practice, tips that are squirreled away in my 'bag of tricks' and now on the web?

Click on the blue titles below to see:

Our Office Facebook Page

My office staff and I highlight the new things we haven't yet put on our web site here such as:

  1. new favorite treatments,
  2. new products that we haven't yet got up on the web (like our new OMG amazing triple milled mineral makeup that's coming soon),
  3. new web pages (our new office pages are beautiful and summarize the cosmetic and medical derm procedures that I think are the real 'gems' in cosmetic dermatology) etc.
  4. health related articles I find on the web that I think might help my readers.  (I subscribe to a lot of sites and when I find something that might interest you I post it on my Facebook page, which means it's a way to let me help you find some of the good content on the web. heaven knows there's a lot of stuff out there.)
  5. we sometimes do give-aways here just for fun (like facials, Clarisonic Pros and products).

My twitter feed

If your on twitter, I'm on twitter too.  I spend a fair amount of time there and I tweet out the same helpful articles I find on the web, my own blog posts and the helpful tweets of the people that I follow on twitter.  There's a wealth of good health info on twitter, which is amazing at 140 characters (really it's the links that make it so rich).

The category pages and search function on the right margin of my blog

You can search by topic or by a search term.  You have to scroll through articles but look at the links and the related posts at the end.  I'm trying to build a body of information that you can use to find what you need.

The product pages on my web site

The pages are full of skin health info, all of which I've personally written; you're picking the brain of a dermatologist without having to make an appointment.

The product category pages give you general information on a topic, for example the page for my new Facial Redness Relief Kit talks about the common causes for chronic facial redness and why I treat it the way I do.  Click on a product and you get more specific information on why that type of product works and how I use that type of product in my dermatology practice.  More great examples are the pages for the SunSavvy Sun Protection Kits, the Anti Aging Body Kit or simply glycolic acid facial products.

My Skin Care Advice Pages

These short pages give you a simple overview of the important skin care treatment tips I give my patients for conditions such as rosacea, acne, dry skin, uneven pigmentation, skin prone to skin cancer etc.

As I continue to build the information on my site I try to cover topics that you'll find helpful and organize the information in ways that you can easily find and search.  If there's something you'd like to see please share your ideas with me.  You can do this either in a comment here, by using the Ask Dr. Bailey Button on the right side of the blog or the Contact Dr. Bailey Button on the top orange navigation bar at the top of the blog page.


Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist