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Dr. Bailey's Natural Lip Balm

Dermatologist Explains Why You Should Only Use Hypoallergenic And Certified Organic Lip Balms

Are your lips chronically chapped?

Do you feel like you are addicted to your lip balm?

Many lip balms contain allergens that cause lip chapping. It’s a perfect set up for lip balm manufactures. I’ve seen it over and over again in my 30+ years practicing dermatology. Artificial and natural fragrances, flavors and ‘healing ingredients’ can be allergens. Avoid them. Use only hypoallergenic products.

Why is it important to use only hypoallergenic lip balms?

Because lip skin is fragile. As a dermatologist, I know this based on lip structure and physiology. Lips readily absorb allergens compared to the thicker areas of your skin. Once you develop an allergic reaction to something – such as citrus, mint, cinnamon, artificial flavors, and other common flavorings – you will be allergic to them for life. For example, if you become allergic to mint or citrus, every time you drink citrus in juice or squeeze a slice of lemon in your tea or water, you will develop chapping and dryness of your lips. The rash is actually an allergic contact dermatitis. It typically leads to the feeling of chapping on both the upper and lower lip.

How can you tell if your chapped lips are really chapped or are caused by an allergy to lip balm?

True chapping from weather usually affects the lower lip much more than the upper. Allergic lip dermatitis, called allergic chelitis, usually causes dryness, scale and chapping on both the upper and lower lips.

Why does a doctor recommend organic natural lip balm?

Because I know that you eat what goes on your lips. Lip care products should not include ingredients that you don’t want to ingest such as heavy metals (found in many colored, lip care products), artificial dyes, fragrances, and flavors. Keep your lip balm simple. That’s what I did with my certified organic Natural Lip Balm.

Natural lip balm (chapstick)
Natural Lip Balm

See why I love my Natural Lip Balm in my latest video. It’s what I use every day, at bedtime and before I eat or drink anything that might irritate my lips. (I’m allergic to citrus and apply a fresh layer of lip balm before having a glass or orange juice - or a margarita!)

Keep a tube of hypoallergenic Natural Lip Balm handy. I keep a tube of my Natural Lip Balm in my purse, my bathroom, by my bedside, and I give them as presents - everyone needs smart, hypoallergenic, certified, organic lip balm!

I know that my Natural Lip Balm will help to keep your lips healthy and moist, and help you avoid lip balm addiction. It’s the smart lip balm!

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