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De-clutter Your Makeup Bag for the New Year

buy silk cosmetic bag onlineStart 2013 by treating yourself to a fresh new start with your makeup bag and makeup collection. It's easy, and it doesn't take much. Transform your entire makeup experience into a yummy treat - and one that makes you smile every day!       It happens to almost every woman who uses makeup:
  • our makeup bags collect too many old products,
  • our brushes needed to be washed "yesterday," and
  • our makeup bags get "frumpy" from all the use they get.
Our cosmetic bags are a micro-reflection of our busy lives. The New Year is a good time to take stock of your makeup bag and start fresh. It doesn't take much to transform your cosmetic bag into a little bag filled with treasures and treats that really enhance the ritual of your daily skin care routine. How is it that our cosmetic bags get so out of control? For most of us, it is hard to throw out makeup before we’ve completely used it up. We spent good money on the products; we've liked them; they made us feel pretty; and it is hard to throw them out. But, makeup products change over time. Not only can they pick up germs, but also the oils and ingredients can spoil and degrade. It is easy to put off washing makeup brushes because they seem to be working fine. But, makeup brushes work better when they are clean. Your brushes are beautiful, soft, and often an investment. Just like your hair, when a makeup brush is oily and has product buildup, it's not as smooth; a dirty brush doesn't apply makeup as evenly as a clean brush does. We’re hard on our makeup bags because we take them everywhere we go and we use them daily. They go to the gym and the pool, get squished into suitcases, sit on wet bathroom counters, and pretty much follow us around our world. And, they usually start out as delightful, pretty little bags, gradually wearing out as they accumulate the marks and stains that tell the story of our life's activities. At some point it is time for a new one. Taking stock of and de-cluttering your makeup bag is a perfect, and very doable ritual for the New Year - start fresh with something that's fun, pretty, and affordable! My 3 simple tips to de-clutter and refresh your makeup bag: Tip 1: Chuck the expired makeupMaLinda, my aesthetician wrote a very handy post with great guidelines on when to throw away old makeup. Click here to read it. Tip 2: DIY clean your makeup brushes. Again, MaLinda has given us great guidelines in her post on makeup brush cleaning.  Click here to read it.  By the way, if you live locally, come in and see our really nice travel brush kits: people love them; they're compact; and they fit beautifully in your makeup bag. Tip 3: Take a good hard look at your makeup bag - can it be cleaned and rejuvenated, or has it served you well and is ready to be retired? Cosmetic bags are so pretty, why not treat yourself to a new one? We sell a beautiful, lined, vintage silk, fair-trade bag for $15. They come in the sort off vivid and luscious colors you expect from hand dyed silk. They’re an affordable luxury, and because they’re handmade and fair-trade they also benefit the planet and her people. Click here to see all the pretty cosmetic bag colors - they're just lovely! And, there are some new, and very unique, makeup products that would be great treats to add to your pretty, new cosmetic bag. My favorites are makeup products that give you a healthy, great looking complexion and dermatologist-recommended anti-aging benefits while at the same time simplifying your daily skin care routine.

First, there's Suntegrity’s 5 in 1 BB cream which gives your complexion beautiful foundation tinting and the best mineral sun protection (key anti-aging need) all in a beautiful, natural, skin care product that’s a deeply hydrating moisturizer too. Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen

Second, is my very finely textured mineral makeup. Apply it after Suntegrity 5 in 1 BB Cream and never look “powdered.” Get excellent coverage that looks naturally flawless. My new mineral pressed powders, blush, and eye shadows are like no others in terms of performance and ingredients, yet they’re affordable too. buy the best mineral makeup   De-cluttering your makeup bag and adding a few new and fun products is a simple and affordable fresh start to the New Year.  It's also a little treat that you can look forward to using every morning!