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Dandruff Treatments 411 - A Guide for Treating All Dandruff : "Find it Again Friday"

dandruffLast week we discussed how our Foaming Zinc Cleanser treats back and body acne. This week we want to cover dandruff treatments with our Foaming Zinc Cleanser as well as other powerful skin care products. Dandruff does not only apply to the scalp area, but can occur on your face, eyelash line, ears, and body. Dandruff treatments differ for each part of the body, as Dr. Bailey explains in her original blog post "How to Treat Dandruff."

How Do I Know If I Have Dandruff?

Dr. Bailey points out a simple method:
If you have what looks like dry skin on your scalp, around your nose and eyebrows, and even on your chest or upper back, it may be dandruff.
Another clue: if you find moisturizers are not providing relief, it may be due to dandruff. Dandruff is a rash that masks itself as dry skin. Moisturizers heal dry skin but not rashes. There are two key points Dr. Bailey stresses for dandruff sufferers:
  1. Use medicated shampoos and soap to treat your dandruff
  2. Use soothing products to reduce the inflammation: redness, flaking, and itching
Not only has Dr. Bailey treated dandruff daily in her practice, she struggles with dandruff herself. However, Dr. Bailey has compiled a list of tips that helped get her and her patients get their dandruff under control.

Dr. Bailey's Guide for All Dandruff Treatments 

Dry Scalp Dandruff

Dr. Bailey provides a thorough skin care regimen for treating dry scalp dandruff in her blog post: Remedies for the Dry Itchy Scalp of Seborrheic Dermatitis. We have listed the main points below:

foaming zinc cleanser best for back acne

  • Use a scalp scrubber to help the medicated shampoo reach and deeply cleanse your scalp

a great plastic scalp scrubber brush

If these products and Dr. Bailey's skin care regimen are not working, Dr. Bailey has an intensive scalp treatment program for even the most stubborn dry scalp dandruff. Read her post Remedies for Really Stubborn Scalp Seborrheic Dermatitis for more information on "tough" dry scalp dandruff treatments.

Facial Dandruff

Dr. Bailey's Facial Redness Relief Kits are her go to skin care regimens for treating facial dandruff for the following reasons:

Best skin care products for Facial redness relief

calming zinc soap for pityrosporum folliculitis acne Best Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy CreamReplenix CF Cream For in depth explanation on how to use the Facial Redness Relief Kits for dandruff treatments, read Dr. Cynthia Bailey’s Tips for Facial Seborrheic Dermatitis Control.

Ear Dandruff

While Dr. Bailey has written previously on the various treatments for ear dandruff, such as Itchy, Crusty, Scaly Ears; More on Seborrheic Dermatitis, she continually points to one simple product:
  • Apply medicated shampoo/soap, such as Dr. Bailey's Foaming Zinc Cleanser. This is the same product used for other types of dandruff.

Chest and Back Dandruff

Not only can dandruff be found on your scalp or face but it can develop on your body as well! Essentially, anywhere oils and sweat can be found to feed the yeast grams that cause dandruff. Dr. Bailey uses the same basic dandruff treatment plan for chest and back dandruff, as well as few other products:

Clarisonic Body Brush Extension Handle

 Dr. Bailey's Take Home Message for Dandruff Treatments

Overall, the main point Dr. Bailey stresses in all her dandruff treatments is to use a medicated soap or shampoo with 2% pyrithione Zinc and to reduce any associated inflammation with creams and lotions. If you would like to read Dr. Bailey's original blog on this subject, click here.   If you have found these dandruff tips helpful, please show your thanks by commenting on, sharing, “liking,” Google+, tweeting, and “pinning,” using the social sharing buttons above and below this blog post with friends and family. Sincerely, Dr. Bailey Skin Care Team Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © Doable/amanaimages/Corbis