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dry itchy scalp dermatologist guide to treating scaly scalp eczema

Dandruff (aka Seborrheic Dermatitis) – Dermatologist’s Treatment Tips

Is that flaky skin in your eyebrows, around your nose and on your scalp really just 'dry skin'?

Does your scalp itch too?

Does this happen to your skin every fall and winter?

I'm seeing a lot of flaky and itchy scalp and facial skin on my patients again. The skin looks sort of like it's just dry and itchy, but it's actually a rash called seborrheic dermatitis (or dandruff). Seborrheic dermatitis starts to flair up every fall and the problem will continue to get worse as we go into winter. Yes, it's time to get out the medicated shampoos and facial skin care products for seborrhea and stop things before they really get bad.

Everyone knows that seborrhea affects the scalp as dandruff. What most people don't know is that it also causes dry flakes of skin on the face and ears, too. Seborrheic dermatitis can even involve the back, chest, arm pits and groin. In addition to dry looking flakes of skin, there may also be a red rash.

Most people interpret flaky skin as 'dry skin'. They try to control it with moisturizers....and of course this doesn't work if your flaky skin is actually due to seborrhea. You need products with medicated ingredients aimed at controlling the causes of seborrhea and I've given my in-depth treatment advice in a series of articles. Most of my remedies utilize over-the-counter products to control this annoying skin problem.

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