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How to Deal with Itchy Crusty Ears

Got Crusty, Itchy Ears?

Dermatologist explains the two main causes of itching and crusting in and on your ears and how to remedy it

Have you struggled with a vexing itch in your ear? Do you find crusty skin on and in your ear? It’s actually not uncommon, but getting relief for itchy ears is.

The two, main causes of itching and crusting on and in your ears are:

These common inflammatory skin rashes have a predilection to affect the skin of the ears. In both conditions, skin and dead skin-scale build up. There is underlying inflammation that is part of the problem. It is the combination of inflammation and flaky skin that leads to the vexing itch. You don’t need to know which of these conditions you have because the treatment is similar.

We don’t know the entire reasons why ears are affected by these conditions or even why the rashes happen in some people and not others. We do have treatments, though. They are simple and can provide significant relief from both the scale and the itch.

Most importantly, don’t scratch your itchy ears!

My Dad, who I miss dearly, had vexing itching of his ears. He had both seborrhea and psoriasis so I got to see how frustrating this problem is. I wanted to give him relief and worked hard to find easy things he could do to keep from scratching his extremely itchy ear canal. My Dad was a very straight speaking WWII vet and he would "tell me like it was" if things were not working. He would also stop treating his ears the minute things seemed to get better - resulting in a quick recurrence. Helping my Dad with his itchy ears refined my advice to patients!

In my latest video, I explain what parts of the ears are most at risk for seborrhea and psoriasis, and the resultant crusting and itching.  I give you, my favorite non-prescription treatments and other tips and tricks from my dermatology practice - and Dad - to help you gain relief of both the itching and crusting of your ears. Thanks Dad!

See the video below and click here for more information on treating itchy ears!