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Cleaning makeup brushes with natural cleaner

What is the Best Natural Way to Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

Dermatologist's Tips to Clean your Makeup Brushes

All of the various brushes you use to apply your makeup are personal care items that require upkeep. While it’s easy to just ignore them, don’t! If you clean your makeup brushes, they will work better and feel great on your skin. Learn how to clean your makeup brushes - cruelty free makeup brush set

With clean, fresh brushes, your daily routine will be a more self-nurturing experience. And, of course, all of the powder, eye shadow, blush, and more that you apply will look better on your skin, too! They just need the right TLC.

But, what's the best natural way to clean your makeup brushes?

Find out in my latest video where I cover these common questions:

How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

How do you clean your brushes and what’s the best soap for the job?

Why do you need to clean your brushes – does it really matter?

If you'd like answers to these questions, please click here to see the video on my YouTube channel, and let me know what you think!