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Clarisonic Body Brush Extension Handle

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Clarisonic Body Brush Extension HandleYour Clarisonic Cleansing System just got better - Sonic cleansing has arrived for your back! Trust me; the skin on your back probably needs the same deep-pore cleansing and exfoliation that your face does.  I conduct full-skin exams all day in my dermatology practice, and I promise you, almost no one knows the condition of their back skin.  The time for tank tops and bathing suits is just around the corner, so it’s time to get your back complexion ready for its public debut. Clarisonic to the rescue!  The Clarisonic system is hands down the best deep-pore cleansing system I’ve ever found. Buy it today! If you’ve got the Pro or the Plus, you already can use your system and the body brush to sonically "tune up" all of your non-facial skin.  The problem has been that most of us can’t reach our back to hold the brush steady.  That’s all over!  Now the brilliant little Clarisonic can purr its way into beautiful back skin for us all. We just got our pre-release shipment of Clarisonic Back Extension Handles today.  I asked Kara to try it out and tell me what the "ride" is like.  Here’s what she had to say...
It’s super cool and super sturdy!  The Clarisonic snaps in and there’s no wiggling around.  It fits like a glove and you can reach really far down your back. It’s also easy to get your Clarisonic out of the handle because there is a little place where you just push with your finger - It’s amazing, I’m getting mine today!
Needless to say, I had her put one on my desk too. (I love my job.) I’m thrilled because the Clarisonic system will ramp up the effectiveness of everybody's back skin care. You will be able to thoroughly clean greasy and clogged pores. You also will get more from your back skin care products for:
  • Back acne
  • Anti-aging
  • Exfoliation
  • Back dandruff (yes, dandruff on the back is common)
We all need this for our backs - Thank you Clarisonic!

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Clarisonic body brush head

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