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eyebrow waxing

Brow Waxing in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County

eyebrow waxingYour eyebrows only cover a small portion of your face, but the impact they have on your look is huge! Having the right eyebrow shape for your facial frame makes a dramatic difference in your appearance. The right eyebrow shape frames your eyes and makes them sparkle. Your eyebrow shape can also give an instant “lifted” appearance to your eyes - and even to your whole face. Take good care of your eyebrows.  This means, it's extremely important that you go to a licensed professional aesthetician for your brow shaping.  We are brow and waxing specialists here, at Dr. Bailey Skin Care, and we offer the type of careful facial waxing and brow shaping services that will help you have healthy brows that flatter your face.  The comment of my client Patty is a great example of why giving the best brow waxing service is so important to me:
I've been seeing Melinda for regular brow waxing for 18 months.  After several bad experiences at a couple of other practices, it has been a delight and a relief to work with someone as professional and attentive as Melinda.  She keeps her workspace and tools scrupulously tidy and clean and is very sensitive to my concerns and happiness with the end result.  I know my brows and me are safe with Melinda! --- Patty O'R, Bodega
If you don't live near us in Sonoma County, find an expert aesthetician in your area and go in for a brow consultation.  Your aesthetician will be able to guide you in finding the best brow shape to enhance your individual facial features.  They take into account the kind of eyebrows you have to work with (full, light, coarse, sparse, etc.) and they'll help you pick the best brow shaping and waxing technique for your brows and your skin. Complete brow shaping involves a combination of careful waxing, tweezing, and trimming. Many of us have tweezed and trimmed our brows ourselves in the past, but enlisting the help of a trained aesthetician makes a huge difference to how great your brows - and your face - can look.  For best results, come in for monthly visits so that your aesthetician can help "train" your eyebrows towards your desired and most enhancing shape. the best brow waxing santa rosaMaLinda, Medical Aesthetician. My passion is helping people look and feel beautiful.  I have over nine years of experience in the skincare and cosmetics industry, having worked as a makeup artist, makeup and skin care product specialist for a high end department store, and as an aesthetician. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and history but I found my true calling in the world of skincare.  I’ve been a licensed aesthetician since 2007.  I love helping my clients achieve healthy, beautiful skin and teaching them how to get the results they’re looking for on a daily basis.  Everyone is beautiful with unique attributes that make them special, finding and highlighting these attributes in a person is my passion – and it’s what I love about my career. Photo: Thanks and gratitude to o5com