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Brilliant Skin Care For The New Decade

ask a dermatologist about healthy diet and lifestyle for great skinHappy New Year’s Morning!

In my first shower of the new decade I'm struck by the evolution of skin care since I entered dermatology in 1987 and all it’s implications including advances in the products that I use.

This morning, I’m using state of the art products and feeling gratitude for how effective they are!

Today, when I step out of the bathroom, my skin is soft, luminous and healthy all because of my skin care products. 

Yep, in less than 15 minutes I was able to benefit from brilliant medical advances in skin care  and my skin glows with  results.

The step by step process of my New Years Day skin care in 2010

Face Skin Care

I used my Bamboo and Clay Scrub in the shower to exfoliate my face for polished and luminous skin today. When I toweled dry, in less than 30 seconds I applied Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy then Vitamin C Professional Treatment Serum (to protect and treat wrinkles), hydrated with Daily Moisturizing Face Cream for Oily to Normal Skin and sun protected with Citrix Sunscreen (I plan to go for a walk today even thought it’s raining) Last night I used Retin A for its antiaging benefits and washed with Calming Zinc to control my seborrhea and rosacea.

bamboo and clay scrub to exfoliate facial skinbest vitamin c serum for fighting sun damagebest Green tea antioxidant skin therapy for healthy skin to fight skin aging.

Body Care

I have wonderful hydrated, velvety texture to the rest of my skin because in the shower I washed with Glycolic Acid Body Wash and the Salux Cloth to polish off any roughness.  I then gave myself an AHA hydrating treatment with Glycolic Acid Body Lotion once I had toweled off.

Scalp Care

In the shower, I gave my scalp a therapeutic treatment for my bothersome seborrhea by washing with my Foaming Zinc Cleanser (a medicated shampoo as well as a cleanser) then followed up with my usual hair products.

Hydrated, luminous healthy skin in about 15 minutes max!

Skin Care is Brilliant in 2010!

As I finish blow drying my hair and  look in the mirror, my facial skin has a healthy glow, my arms and elbows are soft, my hands aren’t chapped (that’s another story) and my scalp is healthy and free from itchy scale (another story too). All changes that defy my genetics!

Wishing you a Happy New Year and beautiful healthy skin in 2010.