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Breast Cancer Journey - Today I Cried Tears of Joy!

Dear Readers,

The breast cancer journey is not easy. But today, while sitting quietly in meditation after my yoga class and praying to God for help and healing, I was suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude and joy - and a stream of tears rolled down my cheeks. I have received the most generous help and support, and I was overwhelmed by it.

The prayers and positive thoughts sent from so many of my patients and now my web readers, combined with the excellent care I am receiving from my doctors, is all working. I know this because yesterday the BRCA cancer experts at Stanford Women’s Cancer Center said it is!  For my type of cancer, this response to chemotherapy makes all the difference in my chances. We are fighting and we are doing well!!

It truly takes a village to help support someone who is being treated for or living with cancer - a lovely, generous, and kind village. It takes dedicated and earnest physicians and health care providers, effective advocacy groups, lots of prayers and positive thoughts from the people who know you and care about you, and a circle of family and friends to help pick up the messy emotional and physical parts of the cancer journey. I have the most wonderful and lovely village of support.

In the two months since my diagnosis, I've cried many tears of grief, fear, and loss, but today I cried tears of joy! I give my heartfelt gratitude to every one of you in my lovely village. We are fighting these cancerous interlopers and so far we are doing a very amazing job... and I’m speechless and overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you all so very much.

Blessings and Warm Regards,

Cynthia Bailey MD

Photo: Thanks and gratitude to Julie Jordan Scott