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Black Friday for Skin Care: Top Winter Skin Fixes for Under $15

Black Friday for Skin Care: Top Winter Skin Fixes for Under $15

winter skin fixes: anti-aging Close-up of Woman's FaceWinter can wreak havoc on your skin. But don't worry - the best treatments don't have to break your wallet. I have tried various winter skin fixes and I have found that higher cost doesn't always mean better quality. So what are the top winter skin fixes for under $15 that I, as a dermatologist, depend on?

Here's my short list of products that are absolutely unique, dependably effective, AND a great value.

Bag Balm

This is classic American ingenuity that's stood the test of time and is a proven cracked skin healing ointment. It works so well because it's rich in lanolin, which is a deep humectant - meaning it holds water to your skin. It also softens skin. Fascinatingly, bag balm also has antimicrobial activity to fight germs. This is especially important for hard-working winter hands that are prone to skin cracking. Like all moisturizers, Bag Balm is best applied to hands that have just been wet. You can wash them or soak them in a bowl of warm water before applying the bag balm, or you can apply the bag balm to your hands after your bath or shower. Towel dry the excess water from the skin surface and apply bag balm to skin fissures and rough finger tips. For severely chapped hands, apply to the entire hand skin and then cover with cotton gloves overnight for a deeply heeling skin treatment.winter skin fixes Bag Balm 1 hand moisturizer for extremely chapped hands You need the best therapeutic cotton gloves to rest hard working hands. These particular gloves are designed with a soft and secure wrist band so they don't come off easily when you sleep! winter skin fixes with Cotton Gloves


When it comes to chapped lips, Ceralip is very healing. This lip balm is uniquely healing because it is totally hypoallergenic. Most lip balms have ingredients that sound good, but that are actually allergens and will make your chapped lips worse. You start to feel "addicted" to the lip balm because of it. Those ingredients can include mint, citrus, bee propolis, rosemary, vitamin E, etc. Frankly, I use Ceralip around my dry chapped nose in winter too.lip balm winter skin fixes  

All Natural Foaming Hand Soap

Hand washing mania and winter coincide because you want to avoid the cold and flu germs. It's the perfect storm for chapped hands. You need an easy-rinse and gentle hypoallergenic hand soap to control hand dryness and this soap is uniquely both. It's also hypoallergenic with no potential allergens like citrus essence or fragrance. That's important for chapped hands because damaged skin is more vulnerable to absorbing skin allergens that can start a life-long allergic cycle. Know, too, that using hand sanitizers instead of soap will make dryness worse because they are made with 60%+ alcohol, which strips skin oils. It's best to find a trusted, easy-rinse foaming gentle hand cleanser that's hypoallergenic and keep it at every sink in your home.Foaming Hand Soap  

Dry Skin Hand Cream

To keep your hands well hydrated all winter follow your hand washing with an application of hand cream. Of course, the hand cream needs to be non-greasy or you won't use it often enough. Also, it needs to have water-binding humectants, like glycerin, and ideally a skin barrier protector like dimethicone to help protect hand skin from the elements. My Dry Skin Hand Cream has both. It contains glycerin and is non-greasy. I depend on it. It's also a convenient tube to carry in your purse or to keep next to your All Natural Foaming Hand Soap at your sinks.winter skin fix for dry skin   Feel the difference these simple products will make in your winter skin. By using these budget-friendly products, you can make it to spring without these common winter skin problems!   holiday skin care special collections event from Dr. BaileyPS Don't forget that skin care products make great holiday gifts. Dr. Bailey has put together many of your favorite skin care products into holiday collections with a 20% savings.   Give these great skin care gifts with FREE gift bag while sale last till Dec. 18th. PPS We have eGift certificates here.