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Best Winter Skin Care - "Find It Again Friday"

Are You Having Trouble with Your Winter Skin Care?

As the cold chill settles in and the number of daylight hours lessens, you know winter is approaching - especially as your hands begin to crack from the winter climate. Before winter is in full swing, it is time to change your skin care regimen for the coming winter season. The prevalent skin care issue during winter is dry and chapped skin, which could eventually develop into eczema if left untreated. Dr. Cynthia Bailey has compiled her Best Winter Skin Care tips so you can have healthy and hydrated skin throughout the winter months.

Why does your skin become dry during the winter time?

The cold winter climate, dry indoor heating, and repetitive hand washing to prevent "cold" germs are highly dehydrating in themselves and even more so when combined. It is essentially a perfect storm to sap your skin of its moisture, leading to irritating or painful dry skin and chapped hands. However, there are key methods and products to prevent dry and chapped skin.

What are Dr. Cynthia Bailey's main tips for Winter Skin Care?

Dr Bailey stresses the following points:
  • Moisturize your skin immediately after washing. Use highly hydrating skin moisturizers that are designed for your face or body.
  • Use gentle cleansers only. Use them only where you need them and thoroughly rinse them off your skin with warm water.
For more thorough guidelines and advice on the best winter skin care products, check out Dr. Bailey's post: The Best Winter Skin Care. Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © Doable/amanaimages/Corbis