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Prepare for summer

Best Sun Products for Summer – Dermatologist’s Tips

What Are The Best Products for Summer from the Dermatologist?

Summer’s heating up. You’ve got plans... 
  • Beach BBQ’s;
  • River rafting;
  • House boating;
  • Concerts in the park;
  • Ball games;
  • Cycle trips; and
  • Just soaking up as much of the outdoor lifestyle as you possibly can while the weather’s bright, hot and sunny.
And, even if you plan to be shaded, 75% of those rays are going to bounce into your shade to hit your skin’s cells. You need a 100% strategy to soak up the summer without soaking up the rays. Me too!

That’s where my dermatology brain went with my SunSavvy Ready 4 Fun in the Sun Kit

I’ve covered your bases with:Enjoy the summer with great sun protection that works!
  • Coolibar Umbrellas - Create your own shade!
  • Sun Hat - Shade your face from the sun's harmful rays and avoid getting unnecessary wrinkles!
  • Sheer Strength Pure Physical Invisible Sunscreen - It's light-as-air sun protection!
  • Sheer Strength Pure Physical Spray Sunscreen - Quickly cover every part of your body exposed to the sun's rays.
  • Lip Rescue Sunscreen SPF 30 - Don't forget to protect your lips, too!
It's the perfect sun protection kit for a perfect summer. Now, you can have a smart strategy to soak up goodness without sun damage!

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And as a reminder, perfect sun protection starts with sun protective clothing. The rest is as simple as A.S.K.  Here’s how you do it:What is Melanoma? Get Sun Protection tips. Cover as much of your skin surface with UPF 50 fabric clothing. Don’t depend on your normal, summer-weight clothing. UV rays get through it. Wear UPF 50 t-shirts, swim shirts, cover-ups, etc. Look for breezy clothing that has long sleeves, higher necks, and covers the ‘V’ of your chest and even the back of your hands. Don’t forget your legs. Cover as much of them with a UPF 50 garment as you can. And, the top of your scalp needs a UPF 50 hat. The UPF 50 in Coolibar fabric stands up to laundering and abuse. Check out the garments I’ve tested and trust for my skin, buy for my family and recommend to my patients here. For the uncovered (exposed) skin: A: Apply SPF 30+ broad spectrum zinc oxide sunscreen. Top choices for summer’s intense and long UV-soaked days include: Highly water resistant products: Daily wear products: S: Seek the shade – or create it! Wear a full, 3-5 inch brim sun hat made of UPF 50 material. Carry a sun umbrella (everyone will want to join you in your cool shade. Trust me. You’ll make friends!). The Coolibar sun umbrella is the perfect companion to summer. And, be that smart person who claimed the shady spot under a tree, awning or whatever. Don’t be those hot, sweaty and uncomfortable people out in the direct sun – Ouch! K: know your sun exposure risk and meet it with 100% spot on protection. I’ve thrown the UV Detecto Ring into my SunSavvy Ready 4 Fun Kit to help you learn. Yep, you’ll see those beads color up cause UV bounced into your shade, passed through your window and surprised you in the most unlikely places. Basically, sun up to sun down, summer’s UV is around – and I’ve got you covered. Ready to soak up the sun without the damage?

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