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itchy arms Best summer skin care for smooth skin

Best Summer Skin Care Products for Smooth Skin

summer skin care for smooth skinYour summer wardrobe will leave more of your skin exposed, so you're going to want it to look great. The two key steps to having great-looking summer skin are:
  1. Exfoliation
  2. Hydration (moisturizing - which has to happen from the outside!)  
It's easy - and your skin will look great in no time.

What's the best way to exfoliate for instantly smooth summer skin care?

Combine alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) products with physical exfoliation (using a shower cloth) and you will have glowing skin immediately. My Body Skin Care Kit is the most powerful product combination I know that incorporates these key steps. Use it twice a week for smooth skin all summer long. best skin care for smooth summer skin For feet that you're proud to show off in sandals, use my Rough Skin Foot Kit for fast results. best tip for fixing rough skin on feet

What's the best moisturizer for smooth summer skin?

The body lotion in my Body Skin Care Kit is a rich and deeply hydrating body lotion. Use it twice a week after you exfoliate in the shower. Apply another deeply hydrating moisturizer every day after your shower or bath on the other five days a week.  Great choices include: All Natural Face, Body, and Foot Butter: rich in deeply hydrating botanical oils that your skin will love. best Natural Face and Body Butter Cream All Natural Hand and Body Lotionalso rich in hydrating botanical oils and with a lighter consistency. All Natural Face, Hand and Body Lotion For a golden glow on your smooth and moist skin, use a self tanner under your moisturizer. I like the Avene Professional Self Tanner for the job because it has a light consistency that works well with other moisturizers. best self tanner Avene  

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  Photo Attribution: © Philip Lee Harvey/Corbis