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Best Skin Care Products For 2018 Complexion Renewal

Best Skin Care Products For 2018 Complexion Renewal

Look Your Best in the New Year with these Dermatologist's Tips.

Are you ready to ring in the New Year’ with a new-and-improved complexion with the best skin care products for 2018? Have you decided to dedicate your time, energy and efforts to getting healthier – including ditching your skin problems? Is your only question – what skin care routine will get me the best results for acne, wrinkles and uneven skin pigment? Use what dermatologists recommend and scientific study has proven to work – a combination of a retinoid, glycolic acid, hydroquinone, and broad spectrum sunscreen – all at professional levels. I’ve build a turnkey skin care routine of layered products with everything you need to transform your complexion, making it healthier, more even-colored and attractive.

My Ultimate Sun Damage and Pigment Repair Kit has all the products you need.

best skin care products for 2018 Plus, it includes my detailed instructions and a travel cosmetic bag so that you’re all set on your path to better skin. In my powerful kit, you’ll receive 8 of the best skin care products for 2018 – in full size including: 
  • The perfect cleanser and facial toner to prepare your skin to absorb the professional actives in this layered routine;
  • Pigment Fading Pads that deliver hydroquinone and botanical skin lighteners to help fix uneven skin color;
  • The most powerful, patented green tea antioxidant formulation to load your skin’s antioxidant reserve and soothe redness;
  • My Glycolic Acid Face Cream with powerful AHA benefits to skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven pigment and crepey skin problems. AHA restores a dewy youthful appearance to any complexion;
  • The best Retinol Night Cream available without a prescription. Retinol is a retinoid, just like Retin A is. Retinoids are proven to help build skin collagen to soften fine lines and wrinkles. They also improve uneven skin pigment and reverse crepey skin texture. Like AHAs, retinoids restore a dewy radiance to any complexion – but by a different mechanism than AHAs. Using a retinoid and an AHA achieves greater benefit than using either alone. It’s also tricky, and the other products in my kit are designed to balance these two powerful actives so that you get great results;
  • The perfect facial moisturizer to hydrate your skin when it needs a rest from this powerful reparative skin care routine; and
  • An excellent broad spectrum sunscreen for daily wear – because UV damage does your complexion no favors.

Yes, I’ve thought of everything for you so that you can settle into a trusted skin care routine that yields real results!

We developed this routine in my office for my dermatology patients and modeled it after the time-honored Obagi Nu Derm. But, we use new products with more modern formulations that don’t have the old-fashioned preservatives present in the old, Nu Derm Kit. This is the best complexion transformation kit available, in my opinion as a practicing dermatologist with over 35 years of experience. I made it to offer you the best of modern skin care science in a turnkey routine and with everything you need – including my new organic cotton cosmetic bag! Are you ready to see clearer more youthful skin in the mirror in 2018?!  I hope so...

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