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What is an Easy Holiday Gift Guaranteed to Please?

What is an Easy Holiday Gift Guaranteed to Please?

The Best Skin Care for Your Hands!

We've got the ultimate gifting solution for those people on your holiday gift list that:
  • Don’t need anything;
  • Say that they don’t want anything; or
  • That you don’t really know all that well.

It’s the Naturally Busy Hand’s Kit – The Best Skin Care for your Hands!

Why is it the Ultimate Solution for your Gift Giving Dilemmas???
  • Everyone needs it.
  • It’s not too personal.
  • It is well loved by recipients once it’s sitting next to their most used sink!

Giving an actual gift is much more individually thoughtful and unique than a Starbucks gift card.

best holiday skin care gifts for every oneThis is one gift fits everyone – your kid’s teachers, your barista, friends, Aunt Minnie, your stylist, co-workers, hosts and hostesses who invite you for holiday cheer… You name it. They all have dry hands right now and could use a dermatologist’s recommendations. - Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey

One gift and your gift dilemmas are solved. PLUS, you've given something personally thoughtful that says: “I see how hard you work and I appreciate it.” The products in the kit are made from dermatologist-approved and natural, organic ingredients.

  • They are hypoallergenic.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They work!

This means they fit all priorities and it’s a one-gift-fits-all solution to simplify your holiday shopping!

This is dermatologist-recommended skin care to keep busy hands comfortable and hydrated because,

1. The Foaming Hand Soap rinses off fast, leaving no soap residue – so busy hands get clean lickety-split!

2. The Lotion is in a pump container so it’s super-fast to use. It’s also NOT greasy! Yep. Effective, fast and NOT greasy – Wow! 

Why does my Hand Kit work when other products don’t?

First, the Foaming Cleanser rinses off easily, and most hand chapping starts because soap residue is not entirely rinsed off. We're in a hurry, we don't rinse well, soap stays in the web spaces between the fingers, and that's where (irritant) hand dermatitis usually starts.During cold and flu season busy people wash their hands over and over - and this adds up to hand dermatitis.

Second, the Lotion rubs in well and contains no allergens to create allergic hand dermatitis on top of the irritant hand dermatitis from soap residue and cold weather.

Give the most thoughtful holiday gift this year

It shows people you've seen how hard they work. It is also a gift you can literally give to everyone (don't forget yourself)

best holiday gift for teachersWhat do you get someone that has everything or says, “I don’t want anything?” It's my Naturally Busy Hand Care Kit! Ready to get rid of dry, flaky uncomfortable hands this holiday season?   Click here to place your order and find out more now.