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Best procedures for youthful skin

Best Procedures To Brighten Your Complexion Fast

best procedures to get young looking skinRight now is the best time of year to work on fixing your complexion problems. You’re out of the sun after summer, and you’re going to continue to be for a number of months more. This means that it's the best time to get treatments done that brighten your complexion, fight wrinkles and treat unwanted complexion pigment and color problems.

Even if you don’t want a lot of down time, and don't have "a stomach" for the deeper laser procedures, there are treatments you can do that will work wonders to make your skin look younger fast.

My absolute favorite rejuvenation procedure is Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL), also called Broad Band Light (BBL),  In fact, BBL is  becoming a "Fountain of Youth Treatment".  When it comes to reversing sun damage and skin aging there are some really exciting new scientific results for BBL treatments.  In a new study just published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, IPL treatments done with the Sciton BBL machine (which is what we have in my office) were shown to actually reverse the genetic expression pattern of aged human skin!  Stated another way, after the BBL treatment regimen, the skin's genes were actually “rejuvenated” for both intrinsic (normal skin aging) and photoaging (accelerated sun damage induced aging) changes.  It’s astounding, and frankly, it's a "fountain of youth" miracle! These “genetic rejuvenation” results correlate with a second study done by one of the paper’s authors, Dr. Bitter.  In that study, he showed that the appearance of treated skin was also remarkably “rejuvenated” after regular BBL treatments.  Following 8 years on a regular BBL treatment regimen, photographs of the study subjects' skin was rated as 9 years younger than their actual age.  Yep, trained dermatologists who did not know if the subjects' photos were taken pre or post treatment, how old they were, or anything about the subjects, rated their skin as having not aged over at least 8 year period!  Another "fountain of youth" miracle for BBL treatments! Here's a screen shot from the results page of the second study by Dr. Bitter:

procedures to get younger looking skin fast

  What's the key to getting these results for your skin? It's that this non-invasive Intense Pulsed Light treatment regimen includes both the initial treatment series and then annual maintenance treatments. 

The initial series typically involves 3 to 5 monthly treatments, done when you’re out of the sun, such as now

The annual treatment regimen involves 1 to 3 treatments to maintain and continue the visual and gene “rejuvenation”, again when you're out of the sun, such as now.

What exactly are Broad Band Light (IPL) Treatments? BBL, also called IPL involves pulsing intense flashes of light into your skin where they target color problems such as brown and red complexion flaws.  Thus, it treats age spots from sun damage and broken capillaries from rosacea and sun damage.  In my experience it also helps to quiet inflamed skin from the rashes of rosacea and facial dandruff too.  Treated skin has a finer appearance that’s, creamer and brighter, and less encumbered with pigment or color flaws. What can be done to also treat fine lines and wrinkles at the same time to up what you accomplish in your treatment session? To tackle textural skin problems such as fine lines and wrinkles, you can easily add a Micro Laser Peel (MLP) to your BBL treatment because our Sciton  MLP Laser is attached to the same machine as our BBL - it’s just a “flick of the switch” for us. It's so easy that we pass the efficiency on to you in terms of cost savings on your combination treatment. Your MLP treatment can be done to match your available “down time” ranging anywhere from one day to 3 days or more. We’ve created some really cost effective treatment packages for fall and winter.  If you’ve never had one of these treatments before schedule a Cosmetic Consultation with one of our doctors to see if the treatments will help fix your skin problems.  If you’ve already had BBL treatments with us then, call and get on the books for your annual maintenance treatments.

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You want the gene “rejuvenation” and the “I look 9 years younger than my real age” results that come from keeping up with your BBL regimen.  It takes an average of 2 annual treatments for the “fountain of youth” results that are so astounding with BBL.  Ask us about adding a MLP treatment when you call to schedule your BBL, it doesn’t cost a whole lot more and the results are additive. Chang AL, Bitter PH Jr, Qu K, Lin M, Rapicavoli NA, Chang HY., Rejuvenation of Gene Expression Pattern of Aged Human Skin by Broadband Light Treatment: A Pilot Study. J Invest Dermatol. 2012 Aug 30. doi: 10.1038/jid.2012.287. Photo: Thanks and Gratitude to Tommerton2010