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Best Men's Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Best Men's Anti Aging Skin Care Products

There are a few simple skin care products that can make a huge difference to how a man’s skin looks.

Did you know that guys actually have stronger, thicker skin than women?

What this means is that guys are starting with better skin "scaffolding" than women.

It also means that by using the right skin care to fix your surface skin problems, you have the potential to have great looking skin as you age.

The bottom line is that it takes just a few low-maintenance, but targeted, skin care steps for a man to have healthy and attractive skin that looks well groomed and youthful.

I treat a lot of men in my dermatology practice. The most common skin issues that I see on a man's skin are:

  1. Age spots that can be easily lightened
  2. Facial dandruff that patients think is dry skin, but isn’t
  3. Clogged pores and acne

In this three-part blog series titled The Best Skin Care for Men, I'm going to give you my low-maintenance, powerfully multi-tasking skin care recommendations for these common surface skin problems.  I’m going to cover each of these skin problems in a separate post so you can pick the posts that specifically fit your skin problems.  Implement the simple skin care changes that I recommend and get ready to see a huge impact on how you look, without a big effort.  Post #1 is Age Spots.

Dermatologist’s Simple Grooming Fixes for Men's Most Common Skin Problems - Age Spots

Most age spots are either scaly brown barnacles (seborrheic keratosis) or flat liver spots (freckles caused by sun exposure).  They are usually located on the face, arms, and hands; where they show and can make your skin look crusty and older than it is.

The single most-powerful product you can use to fight these age spots is a professional strength glycolic acid moisturizing cream.  Glycolic acid lightens the brown color and somewhat dissolves the growths.  It won't entirely get rid of all of them, but it will really help to make them less noticeable.  It will also moisturize and control dry flaking to give you young-looking skin again.

Apply a product like my Glycolic Acid Face Cream after washing your face (but not after shaving because it can sting).  If you are new to glycolic acid, start with the 10% and work your way up to at least the 15%.

best glycolic acid face cream for wrinkles and sun spots

For your body, use my Ultra Fast Body Skin Smoothing Kit. 

best products for smooth skin and to remove crusty age spots

Know that whether you are treating your facial skin or your body skin, your glycolic acid moisturizer goes on right after you towel off. Don't wait more than few minutes. You want it can capture the water still sitting between the layers of your outer skin cells.  You don't need a heavy coating of the cream, just a light coating that is thoroughly massaged into the skin.

To keep age spots from darkening and new ones from forming, you also should apply a zinc oxide sunscreen everyday to the sun-exposed skin of your face, neck, back of your hands, etc.  Men in my dermatology practice prefer 2 sunscreens. The first is great for daily wear, it's Sheer Strength Pure Mineral Spray for the neck, ears, scalp and hairy arms.


best light weight mineral zinc sunscreen

Solbar Zinc for hairy areas when you need tough water resistance like doing sports or heavy sweating outdoors.

dermatologist recommended sunscreen to help stop itchy arms

Sun Protective Shirts by Coolibar to protect the upper body skin and avoid wearing a lot of sunscreen!

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Photo: Thanks and gratitude to Vancouver Men's Fashion Week 2011, photographer Christopher Shawn Pike and model Frank R. Bailey IV.