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best gardener's hand care advice

Best Hand Care for Gardeners

best gardener's hand care advice
If your garden looks great, then your hands probably don't. Yes, we gardeners are hard on our hands. If you don’t want your hands to feel like a cactus during gardening season, then you have to give them daily TLC. That means that it matters how you care for your hand skin both in and out of the garden. If you want your hand skin to hold up to a season of hard work, then that hand skin has to be healthy before you start digging in the dirt. And, to keep your hand skin healthy, you need to  protect it when you are gardening too. How can you give your gardener's hands some TLC? Gardener's Hand TLC requires:
  • wearing your garden gloves
  • keeping your hands moisturized on an ongoing daily basis
  • having a plan for when your hands are dry and rough, in spite of your best efforts
Click here to see the Gardener’s Hand Survival Tips that my gardening hands depend on. Don’t forget to apply water-resistant sunscreen on the back of your hands BEFORE you head out to the garden. The sunscreen I use to protect my gardening hands is Raw Element's Eco Formula; it's as tough as my garden chore to-do list. buy raw elements lotion online

Happy Gardening!

best gardening hand care