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Ebeauty wig exchange for cancer patients

Beauty without Boundaries: Wig Exchange for Cancer Patients

At Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care, we want to help spread the word about organizations that provide supportive and creative solutions for cancer patients.  EBeauty is a great example. EBeauty's passionate founder, Carolyn Callahan Keller, provides an online wig exchange for women undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy hair loss is just one more trauma to be endured by cancer patients.

If you've never shopped for a wig, you may not realize how expensive they are.

EBeauty's program is an act of generosity and kindness, and a true support for women with cancer. Initially, the American Cancer Society provided a wig exchange, but they lacked the resources to fully support such a program. That's why Ebeauty stepped in. Ebeauty has collected and refurbished fifteen hundred wigs and has distributed five hundred wigs to women on chemo.

A refurbished wig from EBeauty is free for a cancer patient.  

We think this is fantastic; a generous, practical and truly supportive act of kindness for this traumatic consequence of cancer chemotherapy! EBeauty Mission: Beauty without Boundaries In Carolyn Callahan Keller's own words:

Chemo is a necessary evil and the loss of your hair is a sign that it is working and at EBeauty we believe that that is a Beautiful Thing.
Carolyn also shared with us how the wig exchange has a "two-fold" benefit. It benefits not only women seeking affordable wigs, but also the women who donate the wigs. When you donate your wig, it helps in the healing process to move on from the treatment process and to close that chapter with a positive action. 
Through the donation of a wig from a woman who has walked this path before them, her gift offers one less obstacle, and a opportunity to feel good again.

Additionally, Ebeauty provides a community forum and resource center to support and empower women to find control in the cancer treatment process. By sharing your stories, you will find camaraderie and advice from other women undergoing the same battles. The resource center directs you to cancer resource centers, surgeons, hospitals, and many other national and local resources.

How does the cancer wig exchange work?

Wig Donations If you would like to donate your wig, go to the Ebeauty webpage and click on the image "Donate a Wig." You will be directed to a webpage with detailed instructions on who to contact and where to ship your wigs for refurbishment.

Also, there are drop-off locations in Washington, DC (where Ebeauty is based), Maryland, and Virginia. You can also become a drop off wig exchange location by contacting

The Cancer Resource Center in Ukiah has helped find a wig for a cancer patient local to Sonoma County. It would be great to see wig exchange drop-off sites spread across the country!

Cancer Patient Wig Requests

If you would like to receive a wig, go to the Ebeauty webpage and click on the image that reads "Search for the Perfect Wig." You will be directed to the first page where you will go through a series of steps.

First, choose a color from the list of color options: black, gray, ginger, blond, ash blond, and brunette. Free wig exchange for chemotherapy patients Choose your ideal color, either your natural hair color or switch it up and get those red locks you have always wanted to try.

Next choose your style. The style options include: straight, wavy, or curly. Have fun with this option too, might be fun to sport beach wave hair that your normally straight hair always resisted!

Finally, select the length you desire: short, medium, or long. It's almost like you are at the hair salon, but are on the web!

Once you have found the perfect wig, fill out the request form and an EBeauty representative will send a confirmation email for your order.

It is so simple and affordable: it's FREE!

How else can I contribute to EBeauty?

If you are local to the Washington, DC area, you can become an EBeauty Community Volunteer/Rep. Just fill out their contact form.

Another great way to contribute to this amazing program is to donate. Help EBeauty with the cost of organizing the many people and businesses that help them collect, clean, and distribute these wigs - it takes a steady flow of funds to provide these wigs at no cost to cancer patients and you can help! You can donate by mail or online.

Dr. Bailey understands how important it is for women to feel comfortable with their appearance as they undergo cancer chemotherapy. During her own current rigorous chemotherapy to fight breast cancer, she is working through a number of these "challenges."  Hair loss is one of the most painful challenges. She has learned firsthand that a good wig is pretty expensive.

free wigs for cancer patientsNot every woman can afford a nice wig and Dr. Bailey would love to see this program reach even more women who want to feel beautiful throughout the treatment process but are unable to find affordable wig options. EBeauty is a generous, supportive, and practical program, please donate today! Important EBeauty Links Donate Your Wig Here Make a Financial Contribution Here