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Bald Girls Do Lunch in Sebastopol

Bald Girls Do Lunch in Sebastopol

bald girls do lunch and alopecia Bald Girls Do Lunch is the name of a really great national nonprofit alopecia areata advocacy group and they are coming to Sonoma County this November! In fact, they will be "doing dinner" in our lovely town of Sebastopol! This is a great chance for Sonoma, Mendicino, Marin and Lake County women with alopecia areata to meet founder Thea Chassin, a national advocacy leader for the alopecia areata community.  Having the chance to connect with other Santa Rosa area women with the same struggle is a big bonus too. Dr. Bailey and her team of dermatologists at Advanced Skin Care and Dermatology, Inc commonly treat alopecia areata.  As dermatologists, they are very familiar with the struggles of patients with this frustrating condition. Yes, it's a condition limited to hair and thus it's not a life threatening condition - but the impact of alopecia areata on a person's life can be huge.  You really learn just how important a "normal" appearance is when you are threatened with a change in it that you can't control! bald girls do lunch in sebastopol logoAt Dr. Bailey Skin Care we want to show our support for women struggling with alopecia areata by helping to get out the word that Thea Chassin is coming to town.  If you have alopecia areata, join her for dinner here in Sebastopol this November 13th (see the details below).  If you know someone struggling with this frustrating condition please pass the information on.  It's a great chance to learn how other woman are coping. Bald Girls Do Lunch founder Thea Chassin strives to educate, support and promote healthy living for woman suffering from this condition. In recognition of her effectiveness, Bald Girls Do Lunch has received two Gold Triangle Awards from the American Academy of Dermatology for their advocacy work.  High five!!
"It is important to support women who promote wellness despite adversity. Thea Chassin is truly an inspirational woman and we want to help her spread the word of Bald Girls Do Lunch in Sebastopol!"

What is Alopecia Areata?

An autoimmune skin disease that disrupts hair growth all over the body: head, brows, lashes, etc. Although there are no cures or treatments currently for this disease, BGDL provides up-to date medical information. It also helps by sharing the personal experiences of founder Thea Cassin, who was diagnosed with alopecia aereata universalis in 1997.

What is Bald Girls Do Lunch?

A nonprofit advocacy organization for alopecia areata that tours the United States to help women who suffer from alopecia areata to network and learn new coping methods. As stated in their own words:
We’re devoted to providing highly accurate, realistic and up to date information about alopecia areata.  Education is our high priority in teaching not only about the disease but as importantly, how to live a healthy, balanced life with an alopecia areata diagnosis
BGDL creates a safe space for women to discuss their struggles and coping strategies for work and home. The BGDL invitiation stresses
We value comfort highly – so come with hair, scarves, wigs or as natural as you like. Come to talk or come to listen.

What are the Topics for the Bald Girls Do Lunch in Sebastopol Dinner?

  • Cosmetic Tips: BGDL Brow Kits and demo from BGDL Makeup Shop
  • Current Research on Alopecia Areata
  • "Personal startegies for successful living"
  • ......and everything else!

The Bald Girls Do Lunch in Sebastopol Details 

When: Thursday November 13 2014 at 6:00 pm Where: Vignette Pizzeria in the Barlow, 6750 McKinley St. Sebastopol, CA RSVP (by Nov 11): $35 for dinner and support the tax-deductible program BGDL
  • Paypal: to account
  • Online:
  • Mail: to BGDL, P O Box 9122, Scarborough, NY 10510

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