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Is Your Skin Ready for Winter?

Is Your Skin Ready for Winter?

Avoid dry skin, chapped lips and more with these tips

Late fall and winter are the times of year when you can get dry skin. Has it happened to you or anyone in your family? You know, dry chapped and painful hands, flaky dry skin on the shins or forearms, super chapped and dry lips, redness and chapping on the cheeks etc. Why does it happen? It’s the weather. And when there is cold weather outside, that means you run the heater inside. And that dehydrates your skin. In addition to this perfect storm, it’s also cold and flu season so hand sanitizer use and hand washing becomes a national craze… you can see that I spend a lot of time treating dry skin and dry skin eczema.

Be proactive this year and start now to avoid chapped and dry skin all together!

I want you to be THAT person who has it all together with your seasonal winter skin care. For this reason, our hydrating skin care basics are on sale! These are hypoallergenic, non-drying and deeply hydrating products that will take good care of you and your family this winter. Dermatologist approved, they are put into dermatologist-developed skin care kits and great for people with sensitive skin too.

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Before your skin chaps and dries out, protect it with the right skin care now without harsh soaps or cleansers, abundant use of deeply hydrating and healing moisturizers. I’ve got you covered from head to toe and I didn’t forget the lips either. Here’s to being proactive and prepared!

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