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Avoiding sun damage this memorial day weekend

Avoid Sun Damage This Memorial Day Holiday!

Don’t Let Sun Damaged Skin Memorialize this Weekend’s Fun

Avoid sun damage this Memorial DaySunburn and tanning leave lasting skin damage that play out for years to come - progressive wrinkling, crepey texture, sun spots, and skin cancer. This Friday, May 25th, is designated “Don’t Fry Day” for that very reason – it’s the opener to the Memorial Day weekend and the Northern Hemisphere’s sunny season.

Have you noticed that it’s easier than ever before to make mistakes with sun exposure?

I know why, and I’ve built dermatologist-grade solutions for you with my SunSavvy Skin Care Kits.

Yes. Variability in the ozone layer, misunderstandings surrounding sunscreens (those that protect from burning but not all the harmful rays) and misinformation about tanning-bed-use creating a “protective base-tan” can be confusing.

To learn what really goes on under your skin with UV-rays and how to make simple AND smart sun-protection choices, watch my latest video.

Plus, my team and I have created just the right combination to help you…

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You can enjoy all of the pleasures of this wonder season without summer skin-damage by using the right sun protection, loading your skin with extra antioxidants and heading-off summer’s unique form of acne called Pityrosporum folliculitis.

We hope you enjoy Memorial Day this Monday  — minus the sunburn, sun damage and summer acne!

Happy Memorial Day!

P.S. Please share this information with your friends and family members so they can have healthy, happy skin this summer, too!