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All Natural Beauty Products to Get Your Skin Ready for Valentine's Day

Are you looking for all natural beauty products that help you look and feel attractive for your upcoming Valentine's Day plans?

We have you covered at Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care because that's what Dr. Bailey specializes in - your natural beauty and grooming needs!

Too many beauty products are filled with unnatural fragrances and chemical ingredients that can cause a rash just when you want perfect skin for Valentine's Day.  Plus, wearing numerous products that each have their own cheap fragrance is also not good when you want to create a very strategically targeted image with your favorite cologne or perfume (wink wink - know what I mean?!). We love love natural skin care and so for this Valentine's Day we are having a special with one of our favorite all natural beauty products: Dr. Bailey's Mineral Makeup. (I'll tell you  more about the Make Up Special a little later.) Read on to learn of all of Dr. Bailey's tips on how to incorporate all natural beauty products into your Valentine's Day preparation.

best sensitive skin careAll Natural "Cleansing" Products

Even though the traditional color for Valentine's Day is red, there is no need to use harsh products that will make your face the same color! Dr. Bailey's all natural cleansing bar soaps are perfect way to cleanse your skin with gentle hypoallergenic and organic ingredients. While we are still in the thick of winter, it is important to use cleansers that do not strip the essential oils of the skin, but nourish the skin! The Naturally Best Bar Soap will not dry out your skin since it contains a rich moisturizing element: glycerin. This soap works well for dry or sensitive skin types. It was no easy feat for Dr. Bailey to create a bar of soap that both washes the skin effectively and maintains it's moisture.

All Natural Face, Hand and Body Lotionbest Natural Face and Body Butter CreamAll Natural "Hydrating" Products

Most people want soft and smooth skin for Valentine's Day, especially since there is plenty of 'skinship'. Hydration is key to having supple and smooth skin, and will help the application of makeup products as well. Dr. Bailey's richest moisturizers also happen to be all natural. The  All Natural Face, Hand, and Body Lotion and the All Natural Face and Body Cream are organic moisturizers that do not leave the skin feeling greasy and are fragrance free. Additionally, both moisturizers are designed for two common skin types: normal and dry respectively. We recommend for the optimum results, to apply the all natural moisturizers to damp skin after toweling dry from a shower. This helps to effectively lock in the moisture to your skin.  The All Natural Face and Body Cream is an office favorite, and may become yours before this Valentine's Day.

Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face SunscreenAll Natural Sunscreens

If you have any daytime activities planned for this Valentine's Day you will want to be sure to apply sunscreen before heading out. As Dr. Bailey has discussed on numerous blogs, it is important to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen year round! For an all natural sunscreen that is not too thick and works well on sensitive skin, Dr. Bailey prefers Suntegrity Baby Natural Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Suntegrity is:
  • UV Chemical-Free Sunscreen
  • Broad Spectrum Protection
  • Paraben, Phthalate and Mineral Oil Free
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan
  • Fragrance Free
  • Non-Greasy for Smooth Application
  • Contains Organic Ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Cucumber Extract, and Pomegranate Seed Oil for added protection.
Dr. Bailey loves discovering other women who want to redefine skin care such as Tricia, the owner of Suntegrity.  Tricia developed her Suntegrity line of sunscreens to create effective, high quality and natural broad spectrum sunscreens after losing her mother to melanoma. Dr. Bailey prefers the fragrance free products including Suntegrity Baby Natural Mineral Sunscreen and Suntegrity 5-in-1 BB Cream SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizing Facial Sunscreen. The BB Cream Sunscreen comes in three shades: fair, light, and medium and it is a great multi-tasker functioning as a broad-spectrum sunscreen, moisturizer, anti-oxidant skin therapy, and light cover-up or skin primer for makeup. BB creams are all the rage, and for good reason. Suntegrity will simplify you Valentine's Day skin care routine and help you to create that perfect Valentine's Day image that you want.

All Natural Makeup Products

Makeup is usually the last preparation step for Valentine's Day.  Let Dr. Bailey's natural mineral makeup be your finishing touch and your skin will be naturally flawless. There are many reasons why Dr. Bailey prefers mineral makeup (read here), including its natural ingredients. After working hard to therapeutically treat and hydrate your skin, you do not want to clog up your pores with chemicals or cover it with chunky and powdery makeup. Dr. Bailey's Mineral Makeup is gossemer fine and creates an absolutely beautiful finish to your look.  She has makeup for every skin type and her products work as foundation, powder, and concealer. Loose Mineral Makeup Powder Foundation works for all skin types, while Pressed Mineral Makeup Powder is better for oily skin types. Finally if you have dry skin issues, you may want to use the hydrating Baked Mineral Powder. To find what color works best for your complexion and skin type, read Dr. Bailey's handy color-matching guide here.  natural mineral makeup best mineral makeup           Besides makeup facial powders, Dr. Bailey's mineral makeup line also offers mineral blushes and eye shadows.  And, now back to our Makeup Specials!  Dr. Bailey Skin Care has put together a Valentine's Day Specials that features just what you need for a soft smokey eye and at great savings of 15-25%.  Because we love treats, the basic Dr. Bailey Skin Care Valentine's Special contains a 100% vegan bamboo brush handle Makeup Brush Kit and Plum Baked Mineral Eye Shadow Trio. An optional ad-on is loose mineral makeup blush to make your cheeks glow this Valentine's Day. Hurry now to get in time for Valentine's Day and click here to learn more about this special!!! If you have any questions about Dr. Bailey's favorite all natural products for Valentine's Day, let us know in the comments below. We'd also love to hear what plans you have to celebrate this Valentine's Day, whether it is with a loved one or friends.