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Inflight skin care recommendations

Air Travel Skin Care Survival Giveaway

Inflight skin care recommendationsBecause my new All Natural Face and Body Butter Cream was such a hero for my skin this summer, I want you to have some too ... so I’m giving some away on Facebook this week! When you fly, the dehumidified cabin air in airplanes pulls moisture out of your skin. You are at risk for arriving at your destination with complexion problems that play out for days. To prevent complexion problems from becoming a travel souvenir, pack one of my deeply hydrating moisturizers in a TSA-approved container and bring it aboard your flight. Dampen or mist your skin during your flight, then apply the moisturizer. This strategy worked for me on my recent trip. And it's a good thing I was prepared because United canceled my return flight - meaning it took me two crazy days to get home. My skin would have been a mess if I hadn't been prepared. For long haul travel like this, I also don’t wear makeup so that I can continually treat my sensitive and dry facial skin throughout my trip. To win either my All Natural Face and Body Lotion or my All Natural Face and Body Butter, jump over to our Facebook page. Be sure to like the page, and then enter my giveaway by writing “I want Dr. B’s moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated.” We’ll pick two winners on Friday, August 2nd. If you’re a winner, you can pick either my All Natural Lotion or Butter Cream. My patients and customers love these unique natural products as much as I do and I'm thrilled. Just yesterday in the office, Michele P. warmed my heart when she exclaimed,
That Butter Cream is like a miracle drug! It softened my skin so much. You used to say how dry my skin was and now look at my legs ... I’m going to give it to everyone as a gift this year. It’s fantastic!
Natural Face and Body Butter CreamDr. Cynthia Bailey All Natural Face and Body Butter Cream       Dr. Cynthia Bailey All Natural Face, Hand, and Body Lotion           Have an upcoming flight and tired of arriving with dry skin, pimples, and complexion problems when you’re trying hard to look your best?

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Photo: Thanks and Gratitude to PhillipC