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Acne Treatment 411: Back to School Edition

acne treatment for studentsBack to School Acne Treatment

It's that time of year again where teens and college students are heading back to school or already have started the first few weeks of school. As if students don't have enough stress when heading back to school, acne is an additional stress for many students. If you are a student or have a student struggling with acne, it's time to review Dr. Bailey's "Acne Treatment 411." Dr. Bailey has written a plethora of blogs discussing many of the nuances of different acne issues and plans to target specific culprits of acne. Below is Dr. Bailey's "Acne 411," a short list with brief reviews that are worth revisiting for any student battling acne.

Dr. Bailey's Acne 411: Best Acne Treatment Tips for Teen/Young Adult Acne

How to Treat Acne Now and Prevent "Back-to-School" Pimples

As Dr. Bailey discusses in this article, one of the main reasons acne flares up for so many teens and college students when they head back to school is because they are back in a "stress zone" after a relaxing summer. Stress triggers acne. There are skin care products to help prevent and clear up acne, especially for "back-to-school" flare ups. Dr. Bailey discusses the details of her Acne Treatment Kits and how they target the varying issues of acne. Read Dr. Bailey's full blog here. Acne treatment for teenagers and adults  
"I love Dr Baileys products and her generous educational support for the issues of skin care." My favorite is the Acne Cleansing lotion which I use with a BufPuf. This has replaced the Rx that I used for many years but was expensive and was discontinued. Before I found this product I tried many products with little beads which on occasion actually caused a pore blockage and in the end has been found to be bad for the environment. I have had so much better results with the Acne cleansing lotion. Virginia B, June 13, 2014

Back Acne & Chest Acne: Will They Ruin Your Summer

Although back and chest acne are more visible during summer when you wear tank tops and swim suits, it is often a strain during school as well. Dr. Bailey's "Acne Treatment 411" for back and chest acne differs from facial acne significantly. In this blog, Dr. Bailey reviews the five methods she uses in her practice for treating and preventing back and chest acne. For Dr. Bailey's original back and chest acne blog, click here.

Common Reasons Why Your Acne Treatment Might Not be Working; New Ideas to Treat Your Acne From a Dermatologist

Did you know there are different culprits for your acne treatment? Not all acne is caused by the same type of bacteria or even bacteria at all, some types are caused by a fungus. As Dr. Bailey stresses in this blog, without knowing the culprit of your acne you will not be able to successfully treat your acne. Dr. Bailey provides the "Acne 411" of all the different causes, including how to possibly identify the culprit and how to treat each type. Read Dr. Bailey's full in depth blog here.

How to Heal Acne Naturally

In this Blog, Dr. Bailey answers a question posed by one of our young readers on how to "speed up the natural healing process" and "eliminate acne scars." This is a common desire for most acne sufferers: a method to decrease the visible signs and damage of acne. Dr. Bailey provides a three-step overview on best ways to "speed up the natural healing process" including: products to avoid, targeting acne skin care products, and diet changes. In terms of acne scars, Dr. Bailey discusses sun protection measures, skin care products to reduce the appearance of scars, as well as medical treatment of lasers or prescription medications. Read Dr. Bailey's full acne treatment article here.

Acne Treatment Basics Advice

It is also a worthwhile exercise to review Dr. Bailey's acne treatment summaries on the Dr. Bailey Skin Care Website. On this webpage, Dr. Bailey provides links to brief explanations and treatments for various acne problems, as well as commonly asked questions and how to combine an acne and anti-aging skin care regimen. Check out the Acne Treatment Basics Advice webpage here.
 That Zinc Soap has really helped the pimples I get. It’s cut out about 95% of them. Ann J, Santa Rosa CA
These "Acne treatment 411" blogs not only provide the full toolkit for students to combat acne, but also empower students to understand what is causing their acne and to appropriately treat it. Share this blog with your teens and young college students, or any friend that is battling acne. There is no need for students to have any additional stresses for the coming school year.

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