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5 steps for the best sun protection

5 Steps for Smart Sun Protection

Dermatologist shares 5 steps for the best sun protection. I want to encourage you to have you sun protection plan and tools in place before you plan to spend the day outside in the sun. That's because a sunburn creates skin damage you can never reverse.

5 steps for the best sun protection

Get your sun protection strategy figured out now before you need it! Don't let this be you!!

Over the past month I've explained how to completely sun protect your skin using the best sunscreen and advice that science and medicine has to offer. Now I'm giving you a quick 'easy reference' summary of the information that was outlined in those blog posts. I've also put in links to my sun protection pages on my web site.

Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey's 5 Steps for the Best Sun Protection

  1. Always use a sunscreen with 5% or more zinc oxide listed as an active ingredient. Be sure your sunscreen is no more than a year old and has not been stored in high heat where the ingredients might have broken down.  Click here to see the sunscreens that I trust for my patients.
  2. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you go out and every 2 hours when you’re in the sun to all areas of your skin not covered by sun protective clothing. Use a shot glass size portion (1 oz.) for your entire body and at least 1/3 tsp for your face, ears and neck. You'll need more than 1/3 tsp if you need to cover your scalp (1 tsp is recommended to cover the full head and neck). Use a water resistant product for wet or sweaty activities.
  3. Wear sun protective clothing on as much of your skin as possible.
  4. Wear a hat with a 3 to 5-inch full brim. Do not wear a baseball style hat because the side of your face and your ears will not be protected. Be sure your hat covers the top of your head too.
  5. Stay in the shade when possible instead of being in direct sunlight. Carry a UPF 50 sun umbrella if there’s no shade to be found!
  6. Wear UV Blocking Sunglasses that can protect your thin eyelid skin and your eyes.

My SunSavvy Ready 4 Fun Sun Protection Kit provides everything for complete sun protection (except of course the sunglasses and shade).

dermatologist's best sun protection

To see all of my dermatologist recommended sunscreens and sun protection products that I trust, that I recommend for my patients and that I use for my family click here.

Really enjoy the sun by avoiding the sun burn!

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